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Support every student for maximized success in school and life.


Creating a secure, welcoming, and safe environment for all.


Working together to strengthen the bonds that make our district unique.


Open and honest discussions about district functions and priorities.


Ensuring that every student can access the educational benefits that Cobb offers.
Andrew smiling in front of a blurred park background

Andrew Cole

From Cobb. For Cobb. From Post 7. For Post 7.

Son of a Lifelong Public School Teacher, Cobb Grad, Cobb Dad

I want the very best for every student in Cobb County. Why? I’m related to two of them. And in addition to my kids, I truly care about our entire community – including everyone who works as part of the Cobb County School District team.

Above all else, I want to see all of our students receive the education and support they need for academic success in our schools and success in life afterward. There is a lot that we do well but, as with anything, there are areas in need of improvement.

I’m a proud parent and a proud Cobb native but I’m also a very concerned one. Over the last two years, I have paid close attention to the methods and priorities of the current Board of Education and CCSD leadership. The more I look into things and the more I learn, the more I find aspects of our district that need immediate attention. School safety is a must and our current approaches can be built upon to more fully serve and protect our CCSD students and team. I’m also highly concerned about the lack of transparency regarding district operations and how our tax dollars are spent.

I’ve also seen very clear and present needs go unaddressed and ignored because certain requests from various groups in the county aren’t in line with the current political majority. I struggle, every day, to understand why so many clear and justifiable needs are shirked and seen as a partisan issue.

The current board majority continues to vote down many proven and needed changes in our policies, methods, and provisions while regularly working (and changing policies as needed) to hear less from other board members, students, caretakers, and the community. I’m saddened by the routine prioritization of political posturing instead of what should be the focus: giving our students and our team everything they need to maximize their success.

I’m the son of a lifelong elementary school teacher and I saw, every day, what it took to be a teacher. It is no small commitment. The Cobb County School district is the largest employer in Cobb County and everyone who’s a part of it deserves to be heard and supported.

Andrew speaking in interview on school safety.

Speaking to the media about my concerns regarding school safety.

Andrew smiling standing in front of school board dais
Andrew standing outside at the CCSD public comment line holding a thermometer

Waiting outside in the cold to speak to our Board of Education during public comment.

I grew up in Cobb. West Cobb.

My first day of school was at Varner Elementary. I had Powder Springs youth basketball practice at Smitha Middle School. My first day of middle school was at Durham Middle School. My first school dance was at Lost Mountain Middle School. Every band festival and Cobb Marching Band Exhibition I performed in was at McEachern High School. I graduated from Harrison High School.

These schools and the people I met there and the people I learned from in them shaped me.

I benefited from the excellent experience I had here. I still do.

I want to continue the legacy of excellence in Cobb County schools and provide that for everyone who’s here. Doing that is going to require change.

I’ve seen what the current leaders prioritize and it is routinely party-line approaches to issues and needs that reach far beyond political loyalty.

We have to do better and I know we can. Together.

I hope you feel the way I do and I would love to hear from you to learn more about your experiences, concerns, needs, and suggestions.

Please join my email list and stay tuned for more information soon.

Andrew's Core Values

School children surrounding a teacher reading to them


Every student, caretaker, district employee, and citizen deserves peace of mind, knowing that effective measures and comprehensive protocols are in place to create a secure, welcoming, and safe environment for all, fostering an atmosphere of confidence and trust while allowing everyone to thrive and fully focus on their learning journey.

Men with young girl organizing food and supplies to donate to vulnerable communities


Every student, caretaker, district employee, and citizen is vital to the success and future of Cobb. By harnessing the power of community, we can work together to strengthen the bonds that make our district unique, ensuring every member feels valued and supported and actively building a better today and a better tomorrow for all of Cobb.


Every student, caretaker, district employee, and citizen should feel confident in the messages and means that comprise the education that’s provided in Cobb schools. We have great people and great schools. I want to keep and further what’s working well and address our areas for improvement so we can have a school system that helps everyone who studies at or serves our school system to fully thrive.

Professional open school board meeting room


Every student, caretaker, district employee, and citizen deserves comprehensive and unbiased information about the functions and priorities of the district. The district belongs to the people of Cobb and it has a responsibility to transparently report to its constituents with all major operational discussions and justifications conducted openly and honestly.

A diverse group of kids smiling with a wooded forest in the background


Every student, caretaker, district employee, and citizen deserves to be heard, represented, and supported to receive all of the educational benefits and opportunities that Cobb County schools have to offer. Cobb is made up of so many great communities and our school district should reflect, embrace, and celebrate that.

School Board Post 7

The state legislature passed new electoral maps for our school board in January 2024 after a federal court ruled our previous maps to be unconstitutional.

The new Post 7 includes:

Elementary Schools: Varner, Hollydale, Dowell, Cheatham Hill, Still, Kemp, Vaughan, Due West, and Ford

Middle Schools: Smitha, Lovinggood, and Lost Mountain

High Schools: McEachern, Hillgrove, and Harrison

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