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Why We Need Change

Our schools are great. So many members of our One Team are passionate educators and employees and dedicated to our shared cause. There are, however, more than a few areas that need immediate attention. I’m running to clean up our act at every level so our school district can focus on the real issues of maximizing our students’ educational experience while also maximizing stakeholder communication and satisfaction.

Below is a (sadly) non-exhaustive list of the concerning actions I’ve observed from our current Board of Education majority and certain members of the CCSD leadership. I think you’ll agree that, while there is so much to be proud of with our school system, actions and issues like these do not represent or serve Cobb, warrant a great deal of concern, and a dire need for new leadership.


              • School Safety


              • Ignoring and Impugning of Data-Backed Academic Curricula and Approaches to Reading


              • Fiscal Irresponsibility and Purchasing Irregularities


              • Racially and Politically Gerrymandered Electoral Maps


              • Altering of Policies to Enrich and Concentrate Power and Fiscal Control


              • Intimidation of Parents, Caretakers, Students, and Staff


              • Intimidation of the Press


              • Abuse of Publicly Funded Communications Platforms and Channels


              • Book Bans Designed and Ordered by One Person


              • Spying On Students


              • Ignoring, Trivialization, and Perpetration of Multiple Acts of Racism, Islamophobia, Antisemitism, and LGBTQ-Phobia


              • Coordination with State Leaders to Circumvent Traditional County-Level Procedures


              • Back Room Dealing


              • Politicization of Our Children and Our School System


              • Religious Extremism


              • Denial of Scientific Evidence


              • Exclusion and Muting of Other Board Members


              • Abuse of Platform and Position